Aubio patch to get build working under Win32

Mo DeJong mdejong at
Wed Aug 17 03:23:25 CEST 2005


I am been messing around with getting aubio to compile under Win32
using the Mingw toolchain. The attached patch will get the aubio-0.2.0beta1
tar file to compile. Still needs testing, but at least it compiles. Note that
this is going to require patched versions of libsndfile and libsamplerate
that have not been released yet.

The main problem is that pkg-config does not exist on Windows and it is
asking a lot to make the aubio build depend on pkg-config. It is really hard
to get pkg-config to build under Windows and pre built binaries are not
so easy to find.

Anyway, the attached patch adds an autoconf macro that just pulls the
config data out of the .pc files when pkg-config can't be located at
build time. It looks for the .pc files in the --prefix location which is
the most reasonable default. The patch also fixes a problem where
mkinstalldirs dies under Win32  when creating a dir with a child
dir in it.

I hope this helps
Mo DeJong
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