Aubio patch to get build working under Win32

Paul Brossier piem at
Wed Aug 17 13:43:13 CEST 2005

Hello Mo,

On Tue, Aug 16, 2005 at 06:23:25PM -0700, Mo DeJong wrote:
> Hello
> I am been messing around with getting aubio to compile under Win32
> using the Mingw toolchain. The attached patch will get the aubio-0.2.0beta1
> tar file to compile. Still needs testing, but at least it compiles. Note that
> this is going to require patched versions of libsndfile and libsamplerate
> that have not been released yet.

great to know you are trying this, it has been a long time i haven't.

i have been compiling and using aubio successfully on windows with
libsamplerate and libsndfile. what new versions of these two are you
referring to?

> The main problem is that pkg-config does not exist on Windows and it is
> asking a lot to make the aubio build depend on pkg-config. It is really hard
> to get pkg-config to build under Windows and pre built binaries are not
> so easy to find.

I am surprised a bit you don't have pkgconfig, it is in cygwin since
2002 apparently:

> Anyway, the attached patch adds an autoconf macro that just pulls the
> config data out of the .pc files when pkg-config can't be located at
> build time. It looks for the .pc files in the --prefix location which is
> the most reasonable default. The patch also fixes a problem where
> mkinstalldirs dies under Win32  when creating a dir with a child
> dir in it.

I would hope mkinstalldirs has also been fixed in a recent version.
A few more questions:

You added some tests about prefix and exec_prefix. Does
AC_DEFAULT_PREFIX fail on your system?

The check for fftw3.h header is commented. Does it also fail?

Also, why are @FFTWLIB_FLAGS@ needed in examples/ It
contains only -I/usr/include here, which is already included by default.
Maybe you need to set CPPFLAGS?

You also replaced darwin* with *darwin*, and ming* with *ming*. how is
'host_os' reported on your system?

Cheers, piem

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