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John Willis botchagalupe at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 03:25:50 CET 2018

I found the project a few days ago.  I am trying to help my 15 yr old son
with a project where he is trying to analyze marching band snare drum beats
over time.  I am trying to make sense of some of the outputs returning from
the tempo object.  I have used the python examples and the cli.

Let me start with .. this is an amazing project and the amount of work put
into this project is incredible.  However, as I have expressed it is rather
difficult for a newbie to make sense of the object outputs.

I would really appreciate any guidance on the following:

1) If I run the cli `aubio tempo file1.mp3` what exactly does the output
BPM number mean?

2) If I run the cli `aubio beat file1.mp3` what exactly does the output
numbers mean?

3) If I run python demo_tempo.py file1.mp3 I get different output from the
same file I used with the cli `aubio beat file1.mp3`

4) I tried to debug the demo_tempo.py program to try and understand the
output. I was trying to make sense of the variables in the following code

while True:
samples, read = s()
is_beat = o(samples)
if is_beat:
this_beat = int(total_frames - delay + is_beat[0] * hop_s)
print("%f" % (this_beat / float(samplerate)))
total_frames += read
if read < hop_s: break What does the data in the variable samples and
is_beat from the code snippet about represent? Unfortunitly my C codeing
skills are minimal at best.

Here's the trade.  If someone could be so kind as to help me understand
some of these initial concepts I will reciprocate with some nice
documentation contributions.  Such that other 15 yr olds and their dumb
dads can also utilize this project to their full potential.

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