[aubio-user] Onset detection in Python

Lukasz Tracewski lukasz.tracewski at outlook.com
Wed Mar 19 21:36:43 CET 2014

Thanks for all your answers.

> This is fascinating. Would you mind if I prepare some short post to
> publish on aubio's blog?

Not at all, I will be honoured! 

If you would like to know more about the project, I made a small write-up in PDF available here:

The project's development page:

One more question related to aubio (energy) onset detection. In my early development version I was using 0.4.0alpha. Now that I switched to 0.4.1 some more onsets gets detected, in this case false positives. Did the algorithm get more sensitive? I tried tuning the threshold but no avail. I did not notice anything particular in the release notes. In the history of onsets you mention cleaning up and there is also this change:

aubio_onset_set_delay_ms(o, 50.);to:
aubio_onset_set_delay(o, 4.3 * hop_size);

So making delay dependent on hop size. I tried compiling with old code, but actually got even more different results. Are there any fixes that could concern energy onset detection between 0.4.0alpha and 0.4.1? I was contemplating going back to alpha, but that is usually not a smart idea (probably it is just coincidence that alpha works temporarily better for my training set, perhaps a matter of tuning some other parameters than threshold).

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