aubionotes having problems with ALSA and a question on aubionote's output

Joseph Jones bumpycarrot at
Sat Oct 8 17:32:42 CEST 2005

Hello fellow users,

I'm having a problem with aubionotes. It seems to have problems with
ALSA somewhere along the way, since when starting it in JACK mode it
complains of a seg fault after "Using 'alsa_seq' driver". I used
apt-get to build the package for me from source nder Ubuntu Breezy.
Anybody have any suggestions?

Also, is it possible to make aubionotes write midi output directly to
a .mid file? I'm just getting into music composition and to get to
grips with the various tools I was planning on transcribing and
playing back (on live instruments where available) one of my favourite
tracks, and obviously having it in a .mid rather than a .wav would
help :)

Much thanks,


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