AUBIO for onset detection -- in FreeWheeling?

JP Mercury swirlee at
Wed Feb 16 20:06:06 CET 2005

Dear Paul,

I've been playing with your aubio labeling library- it's good! I tried the
onset and note detection features and they got me thinking.

I see a potential application for FreeWheeling that I wanted to run by you.
I'd like to autodetect a first loop when a player starts to repeat a phrase.
What I thought is to run an input through AUBIO and grab the onsets, then to
compare the audio at previous onsets to find the most likely beat length-- if
a strong correlation is found over several repetitions, a loop would be
automatically created. This would allow an improviser to 'gel' a loop just by
repeating it. The timing of those first loops can be tricky and I thought it
might be a good aid. 

I wonder how reliably such a system could work? AUBIO seems to reliably detect
the onsets from my rhythms, with only a few stray onsets. I noticed that it is
quite tolerant of different levels. Combined with an autocorrelation to
determine likely loop points, it could work. Do you think it would be a good

One caveat, aubioonset and aubionotes don't seem to work with my default 64
sample size and 2 jack buffers- if I up to 1024, OK. Is this because you are
doing FFT work and not buffering?
Once again, thanks for your work on this.


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